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Exterior Detail

  • 8 hr
  • varies per vehcile
  • 993 Illinois Route 130

Service Description

• Exterior wash with our foam gun and premium, foaming soap • Shammy and blow dry vehicle • Clay Bar entire vehicle to remove containments, such as tar, bird dropping stains, tree sap, etc. This will restore a smooth, glass-like finish to the paint. • Spot removal, oil, tar, bird droppings, etc. • If needed, a correction compound may be applied to remove scratches, swirl marks, and other paint blemishes. • Our premium, cream Sealant and Wax is applied to all painted surfaces, rear glass, and sunroof. This will add up to one year of durable protection, a deep, wet finish and shield against UV rays and the elements. • Wash windows on the outside • Clean and dress tires and wheels. All rubber, vinyl, and tires are coated with a clear gel to restore their dark color and protect from drying & cracking

Contact Details

  • 993 Illinois 130, Albion, IL, USA

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